Lay Members

The role of Lay Members is to act as ambassadors for, and to build stronger ties between, the LSCB and local community by making the work of the LSCB more transparent. 

Working Together 2015 refers to the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 amended sections 13 and 14 of the Children Act 2004 that the local authority must take reasonable steps to ensure that the LSCB includes two lay members representing the local community. 

Sutton LSCB is committed to supporting local representation on its Board for increased scrutiny and challenge about child welfare and safeguarding concerns in our communities. The main focus of the Lay Member role in Sutton is to:

  • Assisting the development of links between the LSCB and community and faith groups
  • Supporting stronger public engagement in local child safety and welfare issues
  • Promote an improved public understanding of the LSCB’s safeguarding work
  • Encouraging people living in Sutton to become involved in child welfare and safety issues
  • Providing expertise and experiences to add value to LSCB policy and practice work
  • To exercise a public scrutiny function to improve the effectiveness of local services 
  • Ensuring that LSCB plans and procedures are communicated effectively and represent the ethnicity and diversity of the local community. 

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