LSCB Business

Why do we have an LSCB?

LSCBs are a statutory requirement in each Local Authority area (Working Together 2015). 

The core objectives of the Sutton Safeguarding Children Board are:

  • to co-ordinate what is done by each person or body represented on the Board for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in Sutton; and
  • to ensure the effectiveness of what is done by each such person or body for that purpose.

Sutton LSCB consider that safeguarding children is everyone's business and it is our role to gain assurance that all agencies providing services to children are complying with legislation and local policy. 


How does the LSCB work?

The LSCB brings together representatives of each of the main agencies responsible for promoting children's welfare and helping to protect children from abuse and neglect in Sutton. They meet every two months at the Main Board meetings.

The Board is independently chaired by Christine Davies CBE. The Lead Member for Children's Services, Councilor Marian James, attends as a 'participating observer'.

The following agencies are represented on the Board, which meets six times a year:

Core activity will be through:

  • Quality and Audit subgroup (strategic)
  • Learning and Development subgroup
  • Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)
  • Human Resources Safeguarding subgroup
  • Policy and Practice subgroup
  • Case Review subgroup
  • MACE strategic panel

Our subgroup structure chart, current Annual Report, Business Plan and CSE strategy can be viewed in the 'About Sutton LSCB' section of this website.

The LSCB has been independently reviewed to meet the challenges ahead and the sub-groups were part of the review process.

Serious Case Reviews

One of the LSCB's roles is to commission and co-ordinate Serious Case Reviews, which are undertaken when a child dies and abuse and/or neglect is known to be a factor. The Board then has the responsibility to disseminate learning to improve, change and inform local and national practice. This is monitored in our Case Review subgroup, to improve outcomes for children and young people in Sutton. 

Core Business

As well as SCRs and the work of the subgroups, the LSCB also:

  • scrutinises safeguarding annual reports of providers 
  • completes multi-agency audits to ensure practice is robust and to suggest improvements
  • monitors action plans from SCRs and safeguarding issues, e.g. CSE