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‘Tackling child sexual exploitation: Advice for Professionals’  outlines the new civil definition of child sexual exploitation, developed by the Home Office and DfE, together with an overview of our current understanding of the issue and an evidence-informed set of principles for responding. This document provides professionals with further background information about child sexual exploitation and offers additional commentary around some of the complexities of practically responding to the concerns about CSE.  It is a free resource that can be downloaded here

Missing Children Data published

Category: Safeguarding

Monday 20th March 2017

Missing children data

The National Crime Agency has published the UK missing persons data report for the period 2015/2016. Figures show that: children accounted for 60% of missing incidents (125,084, compared with 82,106 adults); of the children reported missing: 93% were aged 12-17 years with nearly two thirds (58%; 72,818) aged 15-17 years old, of which 62% (41,378) were girls; 59% of the missing children incidents are attributable to repeat missing episodes.

Further information: UK Missing persons bureau: missing persons data report (PDF)


CSE Awareness week 13-19 March 2017

Category: Safeguarding

Monday 13th March 2017

Sutton LSCB is holding a CSE awareness week 13-19 March. The programme of events and material to promote awareness is in this CSE Awareness flyer.

Draft guidance on child abuse and neglect -consultation

The guidance aim to help practitioners working with children and young people to recognise abuse and neglect, carry out an assessment and provide early help and interventions to children and families. The deadline for responses is 19 April 2017.

Source: NICE  Date: 22 February 2017

Child sexual exploitation: definition and guidance

The Department for Education (DfE) has published a definition of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and a guide for practitioners and managers. Advice for practitioners working with children includes: a definition of CSE; potential indicators of CSE; how children are sexually exploited; and how sexual exploitation affects children. Guidance for managers and leaders includes: prevention, educating practitioners, educating children and young people, and educating parents and carers.

The DfE has published annexes to the guidance. Annex A covers adolescent development and includes: transitions; relationships; key risks and responses. Annex B is a guide to disruption orders and legislation setting out examples of disruption measures, civil powers and criminal offences which may be used by practitioners.

The government response to a consultation on revising the definition of child sexual exploitation has also been published.

Source: DfE  Date: 16 February 2017

Further information: Child sexual exploitation: definition and a guide for practitioners, local leaders and decision makers working to protect children from child sexual exploitation (PDF)

Child sexual exploitation: annexes to definition and a guide for practitioners, local leaders and decision makers working to protect children from child sexual exploitation (PDF)

Definition of child sexual exploitation: government consultation response (PDF)

The LSCB now offer all voluntary and community groups in Sutton the opportunity to complete FREE accredited child protection e-learning. For more details about how to register and complete the training, follow this link


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