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Sutton's Children in Care Council

The Children in Care Council (CiCC) represent looked after children and young people and those who have left care between the ages of 7 and 25 years old. The main purpose of CiCC is to ensure those young people have a voice in decision - making and the design of services that affect their lives and the lives of others in care.

We have two groups, one for children aged 12+ called TRIBE and one for younger children, aged between 7 and 11, called UNITE.

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TRIBE is the name of Sutton's Children in Care Council for young people aged 12+ who are looked after and would like to be involved in decision making and ensuring their voices are heard.

We work on loads of different projects that aim to make a difference for children and young people who are looked after. Our meetings and events are also great opportunities to meet new people.

We are called TRIBE because we are a group of people with something in common.

The infinity arrow and the words "always moving forwards" in our logo are there to show that, although sometimes life may try to pull you back, you will always be launched into something better. We've included the word "together" because TRIBE will always be there for children and young people in care.

Join the TRIBE

TRIBE cannot exist without young people like YOU! We believe that everyone has something unique to offer our Children in Care Council. If you would like to join us, please contact Nadine Wyatt on 07739 631 627 or at

TRIBE's Aims and Objectives are:

  1. to be able to put our views across to the Director of Children and Young People's Department and Lead Member

  2. to make sure that TRIBE is recognised by all agencies and that agencies are committed to listening to and resourcing TRIBE

  3. to meet with looked after children and discuss what their views are and what actions / outcomes they would like taken

  4. to investigate when looked after children have identified concerns and report their concerns to any appropriate committee of trusted members

About UNITE 

UNITE has been put together to form a Children in Care Council - set up by children in care, for children in care! So why not join this exciting group and take part in lots of fun activities throughout the year?

What do we do? 

We meet during the school holidays and discuss issues that are important to you whilst you are in care. We will offer you information and support on your life in care as you get older. Once you turn 12 years old, we would love you to join our older young people group called TRIBE!

For more information, please contact Nadine Wyatt on 07739 631 627 or at




04/08/17 - Leaving Care Team BBQ Summer Event

The Children in Care Council organised a BBQ event for young people in the Leaving Care Team on the 2nd August 2017. We had a selection of delicious food and a range of different activities. The activities included T-shirt designing competition, a Mosaic arts table, and an optional juggling session. Several young people joined in the activities, which generated happiness and laughter amongst all attendees and staff, despite the pouring rain!!!!

Leaving Care Team BBQ photo

We also had an inspirational speaker, who attracted the attention of everyone throughout his speech, especially as he was juggling tennis balls and using appropriate humour. The BBQ food was enjoyed by all and met the dietary requirements - the variety of drinks went down a treat too!  The music choice was appropriate and enjoyed.